Sunday, March 4, 2012

First Run as a Married Couple

Well, today we ran together for the first time as a married couple.  It was a great run.  A little overcast and windy, but fun.  The boys were snug in the stroller, though halfway into the run, Sage asked that we put the windshield up for him.  Poor fella was a little chilly.  

Rich and I figured out that if we push the boys for 10 minutes and then swap, we do not get overly tired.  I know we all like to believe that we can do everything for ourselves, but having someone to help push on longer runs is almost necessary if you want to get out there, that is, unless if you are superman or wonder woman (we all like to think we are, I know).

This is a great time for Rich and I because for most of the run we get to chat about our ideas and dreams.  We have come up with some really wonderful ideas on runs.  We get to talk about Rich's work and work that we would like to do together eventually.  One of our discussions today was about the Mohawk-Hudson River Marathon and when we got  home we jumped on the computer and signed up.  My dad is going to run it with us, I am so excited about this.  Both my father and Rich have run this marathon and I was going to attempt it last year, but I ended up being pregnant during the time when I would have been training.  This is the year!  No new babies and hopefully no injuries.  We do not think that they allow strollers in this race, so I think that they will sit this family run out and play with their grandma's. 

We also get to do a lot of observing on our runs.  We observe how our body's are feeling, how our breath is flowing through our body.  We get to greet many people and show the boys that it is polite to say "good morning" or "hello!"  On today's run, the local high school cross country team was having a practice run around the park.  They are all very young, kind of made us feel old, and they are all extremely heavy-footed.  We could hear them pounding up behind us.  Maybe they did that so that we knew they were coming, I do not know, but I feel terrible for their knees.  Heavy-footedness aside, they were still much faster than us.

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