Friday, March 23, 2012

The Fattening Ingredient

My mom sent me an email forward that really struck me.  The subject was "The fattening ingredient" and the body read:

"What is the most fattening thing that you can put into a double banana split?

....a spoon"
If you're anything like me, you definitely got
the answer wrong on this one!

Echoing what my wife posted earlier about Sage choosing apples over chips is that, no matter what food we have around the house, it all boils down to our own choice of action and what we ultimately eat.  We can be surrounded by all the unhealthiest of choices in the world, but they are only bad if we choose to eat them.

I wish I could say my food choices are driven by the healthy option, like Sage.  Sometimes I'm strong enough.  Other times I opt for the spoon.

How's your will-power?  What do you do to say no to the spoon?  This is a tough topic for me, so I appreciate any advice you can share.

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