Thursday, April 19, 2012

You Have To Start Somewhere

Well, this past Saturday (April 14th) was our first 5k of the season.  My dad, Rich, and I all ran, and I have to tell you, my dad kicked our butts.  Even though Rich was pushing the boys and I am coming off an injury, I still believe he would have left us in the dust!  All I wanted was to finish and maybe come in under 30 minutes.  I did both, which made me a happy camper.  My time was just over 28 minutes, not my personal best, but I will take it.  By the end of the season I would love to get my time below 25minuets for 5k, and I think I can do that.

Rich and I have gone on two training runs this past week, 5 miles on Monday and 3.5 miles last evening (Wednesday).  We are both feeling strong, positive, and connected.  I cannot speak for Rich, but I am starting to feel clearer.  I am totally loving this year and I am very excited for all of the possibilities that are coming my way.  All seems all right in the universe.

I am really lucky to have two men in my life who love to run.  It has been really wonderful training with them and racing with them.

Our next race is on April 29th in Schoharie, NY.  It is another 5k, this one is to benefit the Schoharie Free Library which was ravaged by the flood waters that hurricane Irene brought with her. 

Flood damage
If you are free on the 28th, you should head on over, down, or up to , Schoharie, NY  for this wonderful run.

I am off to go for a run with my dad.  I hope to see you on the road!

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